The Czech railway infrastructure operator SZ has signed a contract with the Strabag Rail consortium (89%) for the modernization of the 1.3 km section of the railway between Decin-Vyhod and Prostrzhedni-Zleb stations in Decin in the north of the country.

Strabag wins contract for the modernization of the railway line in the Czech Republic
Picture: Správa železnic

The contract is worth 41.5 million euros and is being carried out in a consortium with local partner DT Mostárna. The work will begin in August, with the main construction work scheduled to begin this year, and the completion of all construction is expected in November 2023, reports Railway Supply magazine, citing Správa železnic.

One of the main parts of the work is the reconstruction of the 265-meter bridge over the Elbe, which needs to replace the original steel supports. The bridge was built in 1916 and is already on the verge of exploitation. Therefore, it will be replaced by a new steel structure with a bottom deck and a continuous track. Its layout will correspond to the appearance of the original design, as well as comply with all applicable standards and operational requirements of railway transport.

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As part of the construction, the 395-meter Decin tunnel will also be completely reconstructed. The superstructure and base of the railway will be replaced, the traction line will be repaired.

The railway modernization project also includes upgrades to safety and communications equipment. The track will remain single track even after optimization, and the speed limit on the bridge will be removed. At the same time, the stone vault will be replaced with a reinforced concrete one, 120 meters long.

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The renovation of the track superstructure and the installation of approximately 700 meters of noise barriers where the track passes through urban areas will reduce the noise load along the reconstructed railway line.


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