The private carrier Silkway Transit received the first three two-section locomotives 2ES7 “Black Granite”, produced at the Ural Locomotives plant.

electric freight locomotives

The electric locomotives are equipped with an asynchronous traction motor with a capacity of 8.8 MW and are capable of transporting trains with a total weight of up to 9 thousand tons, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to STM.

STM starts assembling RTM-32 kits in India

Before being put into operation, the vehicles will have to go through 3 thousand km of test run.

According to the president of Sinar Group Dmitry Pumpyansky, eight more locomotives will be dispatched to Kazakhstan by the end of this year, and a service network for servicing 2ES7 will be deployed in Kazakhstan in the near future. Under the contract signed last month, Silkway Transit will receive 22 electric locomotives by the end of next year.

STM will supply five TEM10 diesel locomotives for MMK

This is the first STM contract for the supply of electric locomotives to Kazakhstan and the first export order for 2ES7.

Since 2007, STM has supplied over 350 units of rolling stock to Kazakhstan.

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