The Philippine Department of Transportation has signed an agreement with Mitsubishi to implement an integrated transportation system on new sections of the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR), which will serve the Philippine capital Manila and its surrounding areas. The project is financed by a loan provided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) under the guarantee of the Japanese government. Railway Supply writes this with reference to zdmira.


Three days later, Mitsubishi selected a consortium led by Alstom with the participation of Colas Rail as the contractor to lay the track, electrify and equip the technical systems of the northern and southern sections of the NSCR railroad extension with a total length of about 110 km with 27 stations.

Operail has agreed to sell its Finnish freight operations to Nurminen Logistics

Alstom’s share of the total contract value will be 1.1 billion euros. The company will act as system integrator and supplier of signaling and communication equipment, traction power supply devices, automatic toll collection, platform doors, depot equipment and maintenance systems. It is also responsible for equipping the control center and training personnel. Colas Rail will undertake track laying and construction of the catenary network.

As part of the project, Alstom will implement the European ETCS level 2 train traffic control system on the sections – the first on the mainline railroads in Southeast Asia. Commissioning of the NSCR railway extensions is scheduled for 2029.

The rolling stock for the line is being built by Japan Transport Engineering (J-TREC) and Sumitomo

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