Škoda double-deckers: to repair or to plan?

Ukrainian railways company (Ukrzaliznytsia) reverts to the issue of repairing of Škoda double-decker trains again. It was posted on the Facebook page of Alexandr Pertsovsky who is going to take charge of passenger transportation department in Ukrzaliznytsia

Škoda double-deckers

After lengthy downtime and despite the critical resources shortage, we have to initiate the repair operations of Škoda double-deckers in cooperation with other companies to reduce budgeted costs and speed up repair time

Reffering to Interfax-Ukraine, railway magazine «RWS» infroms that Ukrzaliznytsia plans the repairing of  Škoda double-decker trains alongside with the expansion of the passenger transportation network

“And it is not about «just to buy some trains». For expample, the workshop for the speed trains overhaul is still unfinished and condition of many railway track sections is such that the speed has to be reduced” — Pertsovsky says.

Ukrzaliznytsia passenger speed-trains fleet cosists of:

  • electric train Hyundai Rotem (10)
  • electric train Tarpan (Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Plant) (2)
  • Škoda double-decker trains (2)
  • 5-cars trains (Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Plant) (2).