Sinara Transport Machines (STM) plans to increase its revenue to 111.3 billion rubles in 2021. (15% by 2020), in 2022 – up to 133.8 billion rubles. (38%) 

Such estimates of the manufacturer are given in his presentation to investors dedicated to the bond issue program in the volume of 100 billion rubles.

Sinara Transport Machines (STM)

According to the presentation the manufacturer’s revenue in 2020 amounted to 96.8 billion rubles, the margin was 13.4%. STM notes the balance of revenue by segments: 25% is on locomotives, 21% – on electric trains, 22% – on track equipment, 32% – on service, components, etc. The holding plans that the marginality of its activities will grow and in 2021 will be 13.8%, in 2022 – 14.3%, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to tzdjournal.

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Earlier, the manufacturer reported consolidated revenue for 2020 of 106 billion rubles. The press service of the STM indicated that this figures was presented according to RAS, while according to IFRS, the sales of Ural Locomotives in the consolidated revenue are accounted only from the date of recognition of control which STM received from April 29 last year.

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According to the company’s forecasts, in 2022 the majority of revenue will be generated by the electric train segment (41% versus 27% in 2021). The goals of the holding for 2021-2025 are the creation of a Russian train for the Moscow – St. Petersburg high-speed railroad, 100% localization for all types of equipment, the expansion of the creation of rolling stock on LNG and alternative fuels, the development of unmanned technologies and the implementation of concession agreements for the renewal of urban public transport. Capital expenditures of the holding in 2021-2022 are planned at the level of 2 billion rubles annually, which corresponds to the level of 2019-2020.

According to Roland Berger’s data, at the end of 2019 STM ranked 10th in the global market for all railway equipment and 3rd in the world market for track equipment.


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