This was announced in an interview with 63.RU by the director of the Tram and Trolleybus Administration, Mikhail Efremov, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply.

Three-section tram

“Together with the department and the Ministry of Transport, we applied for the purchase of railcars. In fact, we will get 100 new sections. But the purchase was postponed to the next year,” said the director of TTU.

Plans for the possible replenishment of the city electric transport fleet became known in mid-November 2021.

Three-section tram


According to officials, the purchase must be coordinated with the Government of the Russian Federation. Then it was assumed that all the necessary procedures will take place in 2022. But now they will have to be postponed for a while.

“There is no money, but don’t let it get you down!” –  is a short expression derived from a phrase uttered in May 2016 by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a visit to Crimea in response to a pensioner’s complaint about a small pension.

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