A Russian court in the Belgorod region sentenced two people to three and a half years in a strict regime colony. The verdict was based on suspicion of sabotage on a railroad near the border with Ukraine. This is the first official conviction of individuals allegedly involved in attacks on railway infrastructure in Russia, reports Railway Supply referring to RailFreight.


The court ruled against the defendants because their suspected plotting to sabotage railway infrastructure could result in train derailment and military and railway equipment damage. This is not the first time such sabotage has occurred, but in this case there was no attack.

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Rail infrastructure is critical for Russia to maintain its forces at the front and transport military equipment. That is why she is the target of partizan groups. For example, in October 2022, the Stop the Wagons movement blew up tracks on a line connecting Bryansk in Russia with Gomel in Belarus. A few days later, as a result of another attack by the Legion of Freedom of Russia, a Russian echelon with fuel was set on fire in Yekaterinburg. In addition, similar actions were taken at the railway facility in Donetsk and at the railway bridge in Belgorod. As for the last two attacks, no one has assumed responsibility.

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