The main carrier of the aggressor country, JSC Russian Railways, is preparing to switch cargo shipments from road to rail in the European direction.

Send goods by train

It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Interfax.

According to the news agency, Sergey Pavlov, First Deputy General Director of Russian Railways, spoke about such intentions on April 12 at the TransRussia congress.

“Today we have a huge challenge for road transport towards Europe. We discussed this at the Ministry of Transport yesterday. A huge number of permits for crossing cars have been issued, now this does not work. We expect in the near future a very serious reorientation of our consignors, both ours and European ones – the transition to rail transport. And we are preparing for this,” he said.

Speaking about international transportation, the official said that the biggest challenge is their ban by many countries. Consequently, there is a reorientation to the eastern direction, already overloaded.

According to him, by 2024 the capacity of the BAM and the Trans-Siberian Railway is planned to be increased from 144 to 180 million tons.

Another promising direction, according to Sergey Pavlov, is transportation through Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

As reported, the European Union banned trucking companies from Russia and Belarus from transporting goods through the EU.

The purpose of the sanctions is to weaken the Russian economy, which is working to implement plans to occupy the territory of Ukraine.

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