One of the leaders of the Moscow branch of the Spanish company Talgo admitted for the first time that the Strizh trains were suspended in March 2022 due to sanctions.

Strizh trains

It is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to rollingstock..

“Due to the reduction in the volume of work because of sanctions, Talgo plans to reduce the number of workers sometime in July. The branch itself as a legal entity will not be closed here. Now the trains have been stopped due to lack of maintenance, and plans to restore work are in direct proportion to the continuation of the ban on work. Therefore, now the Strizh trains have been completely stopped, there is no service,” TASS quotes Yevgeny Makhlai, Customer Service Director.

According to Makhlai, if there are no trains at all, the company will cut almost the entire staff. The Moscow branch of Talgo was established to serve seven Strizh trains. About 50 people leaves the staff.

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