The European Business Association (EBA) called for the creation of a special exclusion zone and a humanitarian corridor for ships in the Black Sea.

Humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea

The railway magazine Railway Supply writes about this, citing EBA information.

To counter the unprecedented aggression of the Russian Federation, the community of the European Business Association asks to initiate an appeal from Ukraine to the UN on the possibility of creating a special exclusion zone (which is not subject to the sovereignty of Ukraine or the Russian Federation), which will provide for a temporary ban on the use of airspace and the suspension of navigation (except for separately defined humanitarian sea corridors) until the complete cessation of the agression of the Russian Federation.

“To create such a zone, the UN Security Council could provide for the involvement of air, sea or land forces of UN member states. With a corresponding request, the Association addressed in an official letter to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The EBA drew attention to another urgent issue: the restoration of shipping through the seaports of Ukraine to unblock exports and gradually restore the country’s economy.

“Business believes that the active participation of the UN, the countries of the Black Sea basin, and, if necessary, other countries of the world, can come closer to solving this problem in order to create humanitarian corridors there, which will also contribute to the clearance of anti-ship mines in the Black Sea,” the Association noted.

As previously reported, the UN called on the Russian Federation to unblock Ukrainian ports.

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