After the explosion on the Crimean bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula with the Russian mainland, railroad cars were transported across the Kerch Strait on ships. The railway bridge is currently single track and is likely to remain so until next autumn. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailFreight.

Crimean bridge

Although RZD announced that traffic had resumed two days after the explosion, the opening was limited to only one track. To make up for the lost capacity for cargo on the rails (as well as on the road, which suffered more damage), several ferry services across the strait were restored.

According to the Russian Ministry of Transport, from October 9 to November 24, 2022, the ships that traveled along the route transported 2,622 wagons, 24,227 cars and 37,114 passengers to both ends. Railcars are transported by the Conroe Trader and Vanguard rail ferries.

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According to the British Ministry of Defense, repair work on the railway bridge could last until September next year. “Replacement of the damaged railway bridge under the contract should be completed by September 2023, although the Russian Deputy Prime Minister said that the repair time would be reduced.

The Crimean Bridge was built by Russia after the annexation of Crimea in 2014. With a length of 19 km, it is the longest bridge in Europe. Freight traffic mainly runs between Crimea, Moscow and St. Petersburg, but more recently it has been used to supply military equipment. The attack on the bridge disrupted Russian logistics supplies to Crimea and southern Ukraine.

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