Rail traffic between Asia and Europe will be increased

East-West Intermodal Logistics and Kazakhstan’s EuroTransit Group have signed an agreement to increase freight rail traffic between Asia and Europe, which will enable rail transport of European export goods, reports railway magazine Railway Supply citing Railway Pro.

Rail traffic

The two companies will jointly offer a fast and reliable transport route to the ever-growing land freight operators.

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The agreement will simplify and increase rail freight traffic between the two continents. Due to the fact that the terminals have the technology of changing the railway gauge, exports from Western Europe to Asia passing through Hungary can increase significantly.

“With the investment in the EWG terminal, Hungary can once again become a key player in international rail transport. Hungary is the gateway between East and West, and the East-West Gate project will be a tangible embodiment of this, ”said Hungarian Ambassador Norbert Konkoli.

The need for fast and reliable rail freight transport between Asia and Europe is growing steadily, as clearly demonstrated by the record number of freight trains operating between China and Europe last year.

One of the biggest obstacles to further growth in freight traffic between the two continents is the Polish and Belarusian terminals in Central and Eastern Europe, which handle most of the traffic and are already operating at maximum capacity.


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