Last year, Polregio trains carried almost 90 million passengers. This is the largest number of carriers operating in Poland, according to data released today by the Railway Transport Authority. This means that more than 25% of residents using the railway have chosen Polregio, the carrier emphasizes. Railway Supply magazine writes about this, referring to Rynek Kolejowy.


As emphasized in a Polregio press release, the result achieved by the company (87.2 million passengers) is almost 40% higher than in 2021, and is close to the figure for 2019, the last year before the pandemic. The return of passengers to regional railways after the pandemic period is associated with the resumption of stationary training and the return of employees to offices from remote work wherever it was a one-time decision, the carrier believes, adding that the decrease in social mobility in 2020-2021 has also contributed to an increase in post-pandemic travel.

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All this has resulted in a much greater popularity of train travel, including to Polregio, which, according to the carrier, serves the largest number of stations and stops in Poland – more than 1,500. The average distance transported by one Polregio passenger in 2022 is 47 km.

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