Hitachi Rail has won two contracts to supply its on-board digital technology to trains operated by SNCF and Eurostar. The scope of the contracts includes the installation of digital signaling on trains operated by operators on French national and cross-border railway networks. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Railway Technology.


Hitachi Rail is equipping eight Eurostar-operated trains with Bi-Standard signaling. The company will also develop a new version of the Bi-Standard technology for installation on board high-speed trains operated by SNCF in Italy and Switzerland.

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Bi-Standard is a combination of TVM in-cabin signaling and the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). According to the company, the Bi-Standard platform will allow the Eurostar E300 and SNCF high-speed trains to operate safely on both French and cross-border high-speed networks.

In 2007, the Hitachi Rail Bi-Standard product line went into commercial service for the first time in France. In 2009, the company installed ERTMS technology on Thalys trains on the Dutch and Belgian networks. So far, the company has implemented about 1,000 Bi-Standard product services on board various types of trains in European countries, including France, England, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg and Germany, as well as South Korea and China in Asia.

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