In Kazakhstan, 94% of the KTZ locomotive fleet are integrated into the automated control system ACS EDT.

KTZ locomotive

The system aims to improve the energy efficiency of locomotive traction, reports Railway Supply magazine citing KTZ.

It allows to monitor each locomotive in real time. In a few seconds, you can get data about the current speed, exact coordinates, information about the volume of fuel in the tank and the mode of its consumption.

KTZ has transported over 190 million tons of cargo since the beginning of the year

The system records the results of each trip, takes into account deviations from the norms, fuel economy and excess consumption. The data obtained is analyzed by specialists.

KTZ states that the positive dynamics of project implementation can be seen in the simplest example.

So, before the introduction of the ACS EDT system, the paper route of the driver, who monitored and recorded the work of the locomotive crew, was filled in manually. After the driver submitted the main document at the end of the shift, the data had to be entered repeatedly into various information systems, which took a sufficient amount of time.

After the introduction of the ACS EDT, the volume of manual input of information about the driver trip by means of automatic collection of data and various parameters from the locomotive board has been reduced as much as possible.

As a reminder, the Belarusian railway intends to expand the practice of a pilot project to automate the control of shunting locomotives.

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