PKP Intercity Remtrak acquires a rolling stock repair company in Opole. After years of uncertainty, the plant has a stable future – a company from the PKP Intercity group plans to expand it and increase employment there. This will increase the possibilities for self-repair of the carrier’s rolling stock.

PKP Intercity Remtrak acquires a rolling stock repair company in Opole
Picture: Wagon Opole

A rolling stock repair company from Opole (formerly Tabor Szynowy Opole, later Wagon Opole) has been leased by PKP Intercity Remtrak since December 2019, informs Railway Supply  magazine citing Nakolei Pl.

The company responsible for the maintenance of the rolling stock of the national carrier took this step to ensure that PKP Intercity will provide routine maintenance of the railcars that were stopped in Opole due to problems that Opole had at that time.

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Following the development of a long-term development plan for the Opole plant, PKP Intercity Remtrak made the final decision to acquire a rolling stock repair company in Opole and signed a purchase agreement.

The Opole plant has repaired over 260 wagons in total. The purchase of the plant will allow them to start work, which will make PKP Intercity independent of repairs in the external market.


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