PKP Intercity wants to sell more EU07 locomotives. This time, the carrier put up for auction 8 electric locomotives, the starting price of which starts from PLN 48 000.

Electric locomotives for sale

This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to nakolei.

PKP Intercity put 7 more electric locomotives up for sale.

The carrier consistently sells the oldest rolling stock in its rolling stock fleet.

Last time 10 locomotives were put up for sale, this time – 8 electric locomotives. The following locomotives are available for purchase:

Locomotive name

Starting price


PLN 48,262.00


PLN 80,640.00


PLN 80,640.00


PLN 80,640.00


PLN 80,640.00


PLN 80,640.00


PLN 72,000.00


PLN 80,640.00

The “oldest” of the electric locomotives left the Pafawag plant in 1969, and the “youngest” in 1974.

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