Pesa wants to introduce a hydrogen locomotive this year

Polish railway rolling stock manufacturer Pesa plans to introduce the first hydrogen locomotive by the end of 2021, informs Railway Supply magazine with reference to

hydrogen locomotive
Fot. Pesa Bydgoszcz (ilustracyjne)

Krzysztof Zdziarski, Chairman of the Board of Pesa Bydgoszcz, spoke about the implementation of the project for a new freight locomotive during a conference on the use of green energy organized by PKP Intercity.

A cooperation agreement on the development of a new environmentally friendly rail vehicle was signed at the end of 2019 between Pesa and PKN Orlen (the largest Polish oil refining company). Since then, the manufacturer has not shared much details about the progress of the project.

The date of the presentation of the new locomotive is not indicated. It is possible that the presentation will take place during the Trako exhibition.

“This year we want to present the first hydrogen locomotive. So next year it will be fully certified, ” said Krzysztof Zdziarski.

The purchase of rolling stock will be carried out in accordance with the New Green Deal strategy. According to it, starting 2030, passenger traffic on sections less than 500 km long should be carried out only using rolling stock with zero emissions.

PKN Orlen and Pesa Bydgoszcz signed a cooperation agreement for the development of freight transport in December 2019. The refinery is already producing hydrogen fuel for export to Germany and is planning to launch another hydrogen purification unit at its Trzebinia plant in 2021. Poland, thanks to PKN Orlen, is one of the largest hydrogen producers in the world.


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