The first two of the 16 Swing 122Na trams that Pesa has built for Iasi have already arrived in the city, and nine more are due to arrive this year.

Pesa trams
Picture: Pesa

The vehicles were purchased by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, which signed a contract worth 38.5 million euros on February 5, 2020, informs Railway Supply magazine.

The five-section low-floor trams are 30.5 m long and can carry 239 passengers, including 58 seated. They are equipped with air conditioning and passenger counting systems using video surveillance.

Pesa wins another tender for the supply of trams for Romania

“The purchase of Pesa trams was carried out with EU assistance,” explained Mayor Mihai Chiritsa when the first trams arrived on 2 August. “I want to thank the European Commission, as well as the Polish manufacturer, who kept their promise to deliver them as soon as possible.”


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