Pesa begins to vaccinate its employees. Pesa has begun vaccinating employees as part of its workplace vaccination program. Over two days, June 4 and 5, more than 600 people were vaccinated.

Pesa starts vaccination of employees
Picture: Pesa

PESA’s free vaccination offer was available to employees, their families and partners, including foreign employees. The interest was very high, so it was decided to vaccinate in two days, said Elzbieta Muszynska, head of the health and safety department, chief of staff for Covid-19 at PESA.

The vaccination point is organized in the building of the final assembly of trams, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to Nakolei Pl.

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The first measures to protect against the spread of the coronavirus were taken by Pesa back in mid-February 2020, as, in connection with the provision of maintenance services for foreign customers, such as the Italian railways Trenitalia, employees of the company remained in areas where outbreaks of coronavirus were detected.

A special group to fight the coronavirus was created which continues to work today, and a preventive and educational program #bezpieczniwpesa has been launched.

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The procedures recommended by the sanitary services were introduced, including the mandatory temperature measurement and hand disinfection at the entrance to the company premises, the work system was changed, the amount of space in the canteens was increased to ensure a safe distance for employees during breaks. At the same time, the educational campaign is carried out constantly, using all the tools of internal communication.

Thanks to all these activities, the number of diseases in the company was significantly reduced, there was no production downtime, and PESA, despite the limitations and problems of suppliers, completes production on time, delivering orders to customers.


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