Painted railway wagon adorned the territory of Vilnius railway station: “Express: back to nature”

A painted wagon adorns the Vilnius railway station area: artists invite you to return to nature! Artists proposed to create a visual idea for the train of the future. The competition which began this summer reached its culmination – a train painted by artists was released. The project was implemented at the site of the Vilnius locomotive repair depot – Vilnius Return Wheel, as railway magazine «Railway Supply» reports with reference to the 15min. information portal page.

Painted railway wagon
Picture: Lietuvos geležinkelių nuotr. / Ištapytas traukinio vagonas Vilniaus stoties rajone

The press release says that the winning idea of the young generation, created by the artist Goda Lukaite and sculptor Margiris Bužinskas, invites us to look at the train of the future not as an attribute of technological progress, but as a vehicle reminiscent of nature conservation.

“Vilnius Railway Station has been changing its appearance in recent years and is becoming a place open to creativity, an attractive space for residents and visitors of the city. This competition is another step towards changes in the area and at the same time an opportunity to support artists, creating opportunities for them to realize their ideas in yet unexplored spaces, ”says Mantas Bartushka, General Director of Vilnius Connect, the Lithuanian Railways project.

“The idea was born out of love for nature. We spend a lot of time in nature, the work of both of us is connected with this, so the idea to depict a magical landscape in a train carriage came naturally. Although the task was to create the train of the future, we invite you to return to nature conservation in the future, ”says the winner of the competition G. Lukayte.

Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot invites you to see how a railway carriage became a work of art!


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