Overview of rolling stock deliveries in Russia. Electric trains for TsPPK, electric locomotives for Russian Railways and trams for Yekaterinburg.

Overview of rolling stock deliveries in Russia

Railway Supply magazine posts review of a number of announced figures for the supply of rolling stock in Russia, provided by tzdjournal

– 120 eleven-run trains EP2D produced by DMZ (part of TMH) have been delivered to the TsPPK fleet since 2016. The other day TMH delivered 6 trains, 13 more should be manufactured by the end of the year

Interpipe started production of ЕТ 442 wheels for Deutsche Bahn passenger trains

– 12 electric locomotives 2ES7 are planed to be produced by “Ural locomotives” (part of the private label) this year. They are to be supplied by Russian Railways under the 2019 contract for 22 vehicles. In 2020, 9 such electric locomotives were handed over to the carrier – 11 single-section low-floor trams will be purchased by the Verkhnepyshminsky tram company (part of Movista Regions) as part of a concession for organizing a tram service between Yekaterinburg and Verkhnyaya Pyshma.

The production of rolling stock in Russia is decreasing

The tramway system project assumes 1.9 billion rubles investments. Funds from VEB.RF will be attracted. The investor must also build a depot and operate the route for 10 years.


Lithuanian railways’ rolling stock maintenance company VLRD merged with LTG Cargo