Odessa Railway turns 155!

Odessa Railway celebrates its 155 anniversary! The first railway, which laid the foundation for the modern Odessa railways, was opened on December 4 (16), 1865. It was Odessa-Balta line with branches to Quarantine (Port) and Kuchurgan station, informs Railway Supply magazine citing Odessa Railway website.

Odessa railways

Birthday is the milestone when it is time to draw conclusions, look back, rejoice at the achievements and continue to move on. After all, success is not measured only by money or fulfilled plans. This is the mood each of you goes to work with in the morning and returns back home in the evening! This is the smile that we give each other when communicating at work or simply meeting in the corridors of departments. This is mutual assistance and common spirit!

Life and work constantly sets us different tasks, sometimes they are difficult, sometimes they are easier. But in order to reach any goal, we need, first of all, to be a team. The Odessa railway employs over 34000 people. And each of you is a part of a large long-term history of a large enterprise with its own traditions and solid foundation!

I wish all of us together and each individually to be successful and happy, to achieve our goals and be able to enjoy great and small successes.

Stay true to yourself, do things that you will be proud of! After all, we are only 155 !!!

Director of the regional branch “Odessa Railway”

Sergey Nikulin

Railway magazine “Railway Supply” joins in congratulations and wishes that your life always follow the right direction like a railway. We wish you the green light for all your undertakings, plans and dreams. May success, prosperity and career growth accompany you!

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