Nokian introduces Ground Kare Semi-Slick tire for railway backhoe loaders

Nokian unveils new tire for railway excavators

Working on railway tracks makes special demands on tires for backhoe loaders. Half of the tire is on metal, which will make uneven wear and tear and shorten the life of the tire.

Nokian Tires has perfected a dedicated rail tire for several years, and now the unique Nokian Ground Kare Semi-Slick variant solves many of the problems that were previously typical of a backhoe loader on railways, informs Railway Supply citing Nokian Tyres.

The Nokian Ground Kare Semi-Slick tire has an atypical appearance: a smooth surface covers about a third of the tire’s tread. The other half has the same advanced block pattern as the standard Nokian Ground Kare excavator tire.

Re-equipment of road vechicles on a rail track

The patterned part of the tire still performs well on soft ground and on-road, but the smooth, thick rubber lip does hold up to steel under a heavy machine, ensuring the tire doesn’t wear out prematurely.

For added protection against cuts and cracks, the Nokian Ground Kare tire family also features a steel belt under the tread. The tire carcass is designed with good shock absorption properties in mind.


Rail carts MP8, MP12 and MP20

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