Deutsche Bahn is converting Berlin S8 line to a new generation of 6-car trains produced by the consortium Stadler and Siemens Mobility. Currently, 172 cars of the new series, designed and built by two manufacturers, are in daily operation. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to RailwayPro.


Modern trains with their distinctive flat front already operate on three lines of the Berlin S-Bahn. Line S8 was extended from Birkenwerder to Wildau via Zeuthen during periods of peak traffic. Together with the S46, these two lines now provide an environmentally friendly connection to nearby Studenstadt.

“Today is a notable day for Berlin’s public transport. The new trains are an excellent and attractive advertisement for switching from private to public transport. This marks a further important step for ensuring more climate protection, modern urban mobility, and public participation. Future-proof, inexpensive and comfortable public transport will help us achieve our common goal: a sustainable and resource-conserving city,” Franziska Giffey, Mayor of Berlin, said

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60,000 passengers use Berlin S8 line, which will receive better information, more security cameras and more space for people with disabilities, strollers and bicycles.

To date, 9 new trains are running on the S8 line with a length of 59 km, which will replace the old trains of the 485 series. Decommissioned trains from the GDR era, which are about 30 years old, have been parked and will be gradually disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Part of the trains will be used as spare parts for the remaining trains of this series, which are still in service.

After all the trains ordered by Siemens and Stadler are delivered at the end of 2023, 106 two-car trains will run in Berlin. With these new trains, DB is increasing the capacity of the Berlin S-Bahn by 25,000 seats and making the capital environmentally friendly public transport even more attractive to travelers.

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