Since the transportation of Ukrainian containers from the blocked ports of the Black Sea is impossible, Rail Cargo Operator – Hungaria has opened new, previously unused routes for the delivery of containers with Ukrainian goods to the ports of the Adriatic. It is reported by Railway Supply with reference to iho.

RC Hungaria
Picture: RCO-HU

The Hungarian railway operator is helping to bring Ukrainian agricultural products to its markets with efficient intermodal solutions.

Since April, trains operated by the company have transported a total of 2,050 TEU from Ukraine through the Eperjeske border station and the Budapest Railway Freight Terminal – BILK to the ports of Koper and Trieste, from where Ukrainian goods are transported by ship to other countries.

The company’s trains also transport empty containers from these ports back to Ukraine, which is necessary to ensure the smooth movement of goods.

Vectron locomotives for Akiem

Intermodal trains operated by RCO-HU also run directly to Koper, carrying around 170 TEU since mid-April.

More recently, freight container transportation to Ukraine has also begun from the Far East. RCO-HU has built a new transport route for Ukrainian consumers who previously carried sea imports through Odessa and Gdansk. Now the company organizes the delivery of goods necessary for the operation of the Ukrainian economy from the ports of the Adriatic, RCT-BILK in Budapest, Zahony and Dobra to Ukraine.

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