As of January 1, 2022, there are 603 locomotives of the UZ fleet with overrun for capital and current repairs, reports Railway Supply magazine

More than 600 UZ locomotives with overdue repairs

As specified in the carrier company there are 453 diesel locomotives and 150 electric locomotives with overdue scheduled repairs.

Locomotive repair

“Taking into account the increase in transportation volumes and the linear mileage of locomotives, the number of locomotives with overrun for major and current repairs decreased by 8.5 locomotives,” the response to the request says.

At the same time, UZ reported that during 2021, 134 locomotives (58 diesel locomotives and 76 electric locomotives) were overhauled. This is more than in 2020 (116 locomotives).

As for current repairs, 4425.5 units were provided for during 2021.

5122 actually completed, including:

– electric locomotives: with a plan of 3053 units. actually executed 3722.5 units;
– diesel locomotives: with a plan of 1372.5 units. actually executed 1399.5 units.

Rubber goods for railway transport

During 2022, it is planned to carry out 4,495 depot and current repairs: 3,149 for electric locomotives and 1,346 for diesel locomotives.

At the same time, the situation with the supply of spare parts remains difficult. With an annual plan for providing locomotive depots of regional branches with spare parts for 2021 in the amount of UAH 818 million 182 thousand, the execution amounted to UAH 601 million 677 thousand, or 73.5%.

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