The management of the State Enterprise “Railway of Moldova” is interested in studying the Belarusian experience of modernization and functioning of the railway industry, as well as in attracting Belarusian investments.

modernization of the railway industry
This was stated by the director general of the enterprise Oleg Tofilat during a meeting with the Ambassador of Belarus to Moldova Anatoly Kalinin.

This was reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply

According to the Belarusian embassy in Chisinau, during the meeting, Oleg Tofilat informed about the plans to develop the infrastructure of the State Enterprise “Railway of Moldova” and strengthen the financial condition of the railway industry in Moldova.

The ambassador invited the management of the Moldovan operator to Belarus to get acquainted with the work of the Belarusian railway, as well as visit the factories for the production of sleepers, wagons and rail transport “Stadler Minsk”.

In September the Parliament of Moldova adopted in the first reading the draft of the new Code of Railway Transport authored by the government of the country.

According to the project, the railway infrastructure will continue to belong to the state, and private operators will be able to provide traction, passenger and freight transport services.

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