The Ministry of Infrastructure has prepared the necessary documents to extend the experiment to allow private traction on a public track until 2023.

experiment on private traction

This was announced by the Director General of the Railway Transport Directorate of the MIU Alexander Fedorenko during the online panel “Liberalization of the rail transport market in Ukraine.”

According to him, there are nuances in the experiment that need to be worked with, for example the tariffs, reports the railway magazine Railway Supply

However, he noted that Germany had been implementing the launch of private traction for 7 years, and the current situation is also a result, since it showed weaknesses in the organizational aspects.

MIU sent a draft order on limiting the service life of freight cars for approval by the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine

Earlier the director of the locomotive department of UZ Sergey Pavlov during the Rail Expo 2021 exhibition said that the participants in the experiment on private traction do not want to reimburse the state company infrastructure costs.

At the same time, Andrey Miroshnikov, a representative of a participant in the experiment on the admission of private traction, LLC Ukrainian Locomotive Company, complained about unequal conditions, because of which the experiment did not budge.

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