The local channel RIA Melitopol reported that partisans blew up the railway in the Zaporozhye region. Railway Supply magazine writes about it with reference to Novoye Vremya.

Damaged rails
Picture: RIA Melitopol/Telegram

According to available information, the blown up railway line, was used by the occupiers to deliver weapons and fuel for military equipment from Crimea.

The occupiers themselves confirmed the explosion, calling the work of the partisans “a hit of Ukrainian militants.” The Melitopol partisans destroyed the receiving and departure route and the working area of ​​the Nizyany station. In addition, power transmission towers were blown up in the southern part of Melitopol in the morning. In this way, the Melitopol partisans remind the invaders that they are in a foreign land and sow panic in their ranks, and also prevent the delivery of ammunition for shelling Ukrainian cities.

The channel reports that now the Russian military is actively inspecting all cars, and even checking cyclists and pedestrians.

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