Lithuanian Railways (LTG) transported 15 thousand tons of Ukrainian agricultural products to the port of Klaipeda in transit through Poland. This was stated by the head of LTG Egidius Lazauskas, reports Railway Supply referring Rail Insider. Now mainly grain is transported to Klaipeda, and fuel is brought back.

LTG Cargo

“Ukrainians are bringing grain to Lithuania as an alternative to Odessa, and diesel fuel is being brought back from Klaipeda. The demand for it in Ukraine is now huge and there are problems with its supply,” said the head of LTG.

After the transport company LTG Cargo began transporting agricultural products from Ukraine to the port of Klaipeda through Poland in May, about 50,000 tons of grain were transported by September.

“In recent months, the amount of these cargoes has grown and reaches about 15 thousand tons per month, almost 200 can be transported per year,” added Egidius Lazauskas.

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As specified in LTG, from May to the end of August, 31 trains arrived from Ukraine to Lithuania.

At the end of June, LTG Cargo Ukraine (a subsidiary of the Lithuanian railway freight company AB LTG Cargo) resumed operations in Ukraine.

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