On May 10, Latvia suspended the agreement that allowed direct rail transportation of military cargo from Belarus to third countries through seaports.

Transit of military cargo by rail

This was reported by the Ministry of Transport of Latvia, Railway Supply magazine.

The agency’s statement notes that “an agreement on the direct transportation of military goods by rail from the Republic of Belarus to third countries using the ports of the Republic of Latvia was adopted on January 25, 1994, when Latvia had not yet joined the European Union.”

“Latvia joined the EU on 1 May 2004 and on 29 March 2004 became a member of NATO. In this regard, Latvia is bound by the legal norms of these international organizations, and the agreement with Belarus does not comply with these rules. Also, the state administration of Latvia as a whole is reviewing bilateral relations with Russia and Belarus in the context of Russia’s war in Ukraine,” the Latvian Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

As previously reported, Latvia can help Ukraine with the export of grain through its ports.

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