Interpipe has opened land container terminals in Novomoskovsk and Zaporizhia to improve logistics operations.

land container terminals

Svitlana Surova, logistics director of Interpipe, said this in an interview with CTS, informs Railway Supply magazine.

According to her, before the opening of land container terminals, the company loaded pipes for vehicles or wagons and transported them to the port of Odessa, which is traditionally used to send goods abroad.

Along with the post-revival, the world’s supplies have increased, and the port of Odessa has proved to be a bottleneck – in this direction, where there is traditionally a lot of transport – both wagons and cars, and they often do not cope with unloading. Machines with pipe products could stand in the port for a long time, waiting in line for unloading, and this is a loss of significant sums for idle time. Therefore, we found a solution in the form of a service of land container terminals that have opened. We work with two of them. We have been using the terminal in Novomoskovsk since January, and one in Zaporizhia since May 2021, ” Surova said.

Interpipe intends to complete the certification of passenger railway wheels from the global railcar building companies

At the same time, according to her, the company decided to share the flow of goods: part of the products goes directly to Odessa, part – to the Zaporizhia land container terminal, part – to Novomoskovsk.

“It looks like this: we deliver pipe products to the land container terminal, where they are stacked in containers and delivered by rail to the port of Odessa. There, the products are transshipped to ships and go by sea to the customer – eather beam, or a special container-feeder, “- said Surova.

According to her, this way the company significantly reduces the time for delivery of finished products to customers.

“The service of staffing and delivery to the port is provided jointly by container lines – they have all the necessary equipment with which you can quickly load the pipes into the containers. Additional time savings are obtained due to the fact that container lines use route delivery. This means that a whole train of 52 cars is assembled – a route with containers, which is delivered to the port within 24 hours. At the same time, the container lines distributed the flows for themselves so as not to staff all the products in the port, ” Surova said.

According to her, this optimizes time costs, as the specifics of many companies, including Interpipe, are such that most of the products arrive at the port at the end of each month. “These days, the port could be literally blocked by such a wave of shipments. So transshipment of some pipe products in container terminals is a win solution for all parties,” Surova summed up.

As previously reported, Interpipe intends to invest $ 77 million in new projects in 2022.

In 2021, compared to 2020, Interpipe increased sales of pipe and railway products by 17% to 776 thousand tons.
Interpipe is the largest producer of pipes and wheels in Ukraine. In October 2012, Interpipe commissioned the Interpipe Steel steelmaking complex.

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