Hydrogen rail transport is the future of railways

“Hydrogen rail transport is a fundamental innovation capable of increasing the environmental sustainability of both freight and passenger transport on the remaining sections of unelectrified railway” said FS Group CEO Gianfranco Battisti, as railway magazine «Railway Supply» informs referring to Railwaygazette

Hydrogen rail transport
Picture: National railway FS Group

Eesti Raudtee will receive 10.6 million euros for the liquidation of a railway yard

National railway FS Group and energy company Snam are to work together to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of using hydrogen power in the rail sector, and the development of suitable business models. The companies will experiment with the production, transport, compression, storage, supply and uses of hydrogen, and could undertake joint financing or tendering.

Snam CEO Marco Alverà said “Thanks to the collaboration between FS Italiane and Snam, we aim to create infrastructure to rapidly convert trains currently powered by diesel to hydrogen, thus gaining technological leadership to be capitalised on at an international level.”

Pridneprovskaya Railway increased the volume of cargo transportation

In June this year, Snam and Alstom signed a five-year agreement for the development of hydrogen trains and associated infrastructure. Under the agreement Alstom would manufacture and maintain newly-built or converted hydrogen trains, while Snam would develop infrastructure for hydrogen production, transport and refuelling.


Construction of the first hydrogen station for passenger trains

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