Eesti Raudtee will receive 10.6 million euros for the liquidation of a railway yard

On April 15, 2021, the Estonian government approved an amendment to the transport infrastructure investment plan, according to which Eesti Raudtee will receive 10.6 million euros for the liquidation of the railway marshalling yard in Ülemiste and the reconstruction of the Tapa marshalling yard. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply with reference to Eesti Raudtee.

Eesti Raudtee

According to the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Taavi Aas, the relocation of the Ülemiste marshalling yard to Tapa will give more space to the Ülemiste urban space and open up the possibility of attracting new investments in the area. In addition, the Rail Baltic terminal will be included in the future.

“The future of Ülemiste is a well-thought-out transport hub with tram, bus, two different types of trains and air links, which are inextricably linked to the world of modern business,” said Aas.

Eesti Raudtee will carry out the reconstruction of the Baltic railway station

“We will move the marshalling yard to Tapa, which is also an intersection of railway lines. The proposal for the renovation of the new sorting yard is being developed by Eesti Raudtee and will be published at the end of this month, ”added Aas. The renovation of the Tapa marshalling yard also serves the purposes of the European transport policy, which aims to develop rail transport as an environmentally friendly mode of transport with the least environmental impact.

The reconstruction works of the new sorting yard are divided into two stages, the first of which includes design and construction work, which is planned to be completed by the end of summer 2023. At the second stage, the construction of the automation systems required for sorting at Tapa station will be completed, and the sorting yard will be connected to the security equipment of Tapa station, the deadline is August 2024.

The total investment plan for the development of transport infrastructure for 2014-2020 is 298 million euros.


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