Frantisek Bures: Cooperation is in the hands of Ukrainian producers

Frantisek Bures, Member of the Board of Ukrzaliznytsia, visited RAIL EXPO 2020 and participated in the round table “REindustrialization – Localization of Complex Technology” – 10 years of special conditions for the development of Ukrainian industry: how to combine competition and healthy nationalism? The public procurement system can become a tool for attracting investments and developing innovations, ensuring the technological ability of the domestic industry. Will protectionism help restore the country’s productive capacity? Compete or partner with global manufacturers?

Frantisek Bures

I really want to see Ukrainian companies in cooperation with world manufacturers among our traction suppliers. But such cooperation is in the hands of the Ukrainian producers themselves.

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As railway magazine «Railway Supply» reports, after the conference Frantisek Bures posted on his Facebook page the following key messages:

  • The locomotive fleet of Ukrzaliznytsia is worn out by more than 98%. Its renewal should take place not only through major overhauls, but mainly through the modernization and purchase of new, modern locomotives.
  • Localization at the level of 35% is a reality, but Ukrainian producers should already start going through the entire path of audits, quality control and certification. After all, this basic process will take at least 9-18 months. This path is difficult, but it has to be done.
  • For Ukrzaliznytsia and global manufacturers the quality of local products is in the first place. Global manufacturers will not enter the Ukrainian market without it. Ukraine will not receive new technologies and jobs without it.

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