Four powerful traction substations equipped with the most modern Pluton equipment operate in the Minsk metro

Continuous and reliable power supply of the new third branch of the Minsk metro is provided by four powerful traction substations, which are equipped with the most modern Pluton equipment – DC switchgear RU-825 and V-TPED rectifiers complete with a RESIBLOC converter transformer, informs Railway Supply magazine referring the manufacturer’s website.

powerful traction substations equipped
Picture: Pluton Company

At the moment, engineers of the Pluton Group are actively working on the integrated implementation of three independent dispatch control systems for the life support of the line – from power supply and lighting for ventilation systems and escalator installations. Information about the state of the equipment of these systems will be processed in real time from the automated workstations of the dispatchers of the metro services.

Such a solution will ensure continuous monitoring of the state of the key indicators of life support systems, reduce the response time to emergency situations in the power supply, and thereby enhance the safety and continuity of the transportation process.


In June 2020, traction substation Konsthallen at the tram line №7 was successfully put into operation (Stockholm)

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