The first six EffiShunter 300 diesel locomotives were delivered by the Czech company CZ LOKO for the Polish national operator of intercity passenger transportation PKP Intercity. Railway Supply magazine writes about this, referring to zdmira.


CZ LOKO has signed a contract valued at PLN 39.1 million (about USD 8.2 million) for the delivery of 10 EffiShunter 300 locomotives in February 2021. The remaining four locomotives will be sent to Poland from the plant in Ceska Trebova (Czech Republic) at the end of the first quarter of 2023

PKP Intercity will use these light, two-axle locomotives for shunting operations at the depot, as well as on the yard’s depots. Four of the six diesel locomotives that arrived in Poland went to Warsaw and two to Krakow. The locomotives received in 2023 will be operated in Gdansk and Katowice.

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EffiShunter 300 diesel locomotives are approved for use in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Serbia. The machines are equipped with a C13B diesel engine with a power of 328 kW. According to the conditions of Polish customers, the locomotive is equipped with a public address system, semi-automatic couplers, and a video surveillance system.

In addition, in accordance with the requirements established for Polish railways, diesel locomotives are equipped with the SHP automatic locomotive signaling system and the driver vigilance control device. Also, an indispensable standard for locomotives manufactured by CZ LOKO is the presence of a digital control system, online diagnostic tools and wheel-set slip protection devices.

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