Over the past month, 90% of the volume of grain cargo was loaded into grain carriers in Ukraine. The remaining 10% falls on the rolling stock not intended directly for this purpose. Railway Supply magazine writes about this, citing Rail.insider analytics.

grain transportation

Among other types of rolling stock gondola cars are in the lead, in which more than 4% of grain volumes are loaded. Then, in descending order, cement carriers, mineral carriers and covered wagons follow.

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There are more than 27 thousand grain carriers in operation in Ukraine. However, the demand for these wagons, and, accordingly, the rates for use are higher than for other mass types of rolling stock.

As previously reported, problems with the export of grain in gondola cars, mineral and cement wagons are observed at the border crossings with Poland. Due to claims from the sanitary services, more than 500 units of rolling stock got stuck there.

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