Eurovision 2021: “Yellow Wave” swept over Lithuania

Lithuania is waiting for the performance of “The Roop” on May 18th. “The Roop” opens the first semi-final of Eurovision 2021 at # 1.

All Lithuania supports “The Roop” and is dressed in yellow! Lithuanian railroad workers also support “The Roop”, informs Railway Supply magazine.

LTG Tech, a company that provides comprehensive services for the manufacture of locomotives, track equipment, as well as the repair and modernization of freight and passenger cars, has joined the general flash mob in support of The Roop.

LTG Tech – The largest and most modern rolling stock repair center in the region

“The Roop” opens the first semi-final – # 1. And we remind the Ukrainian fans – the representative from Ukraine – Go_A plays in this semi-final # 15! We are waiting and cheering!

The Roop is a Lithuanian pop-rock band from Vilnius, which includes: Vaidotas Valukevicius (vocals and keyboards), Robertas Baranauskas (percussion) and Mantas Banisauskas (guitar). The band describes their musical style as a mixture of pop rock and indie. Although the group was only formed in 2014, all members of the group have nevertheless been working in the music industry for a long time.

The Roop’s debut album, To Whom It May Concern, was released on November 30, 2015. Since then, they have performed all over the world, from Lithuania to Belgium, from Serbia to Brazil.

In 2018, the group took part in the national selection for Eurovision for the first time, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The second attempt brought the musicians a long-awaited victory and a ticket to the competition!