Estonia to invest over 120 million euros in railway

In 2021, the Estonian companies Elron, Rail Baltic Estonia, Eesti Raudtee and Operail will invest 122.5 million euros (over UAH 4 billion) in the development and improvement of conditions for train passengers and increase their attractiveness for railway companies. This is reported by the railway magazine Railway Supply  with reference to the press service of Eesti Raudtee.

to invest in railway

The press service of the company reports that in 2021, which has been declared the year of railways in the EU, electrification and an increase in the speed of movement to 160 km/h are planned in Estonia. In addition, it is planned to lay a new line to the port of Rohuküla.

Eesti Raudtee is directly planning investments in infrastructure in the amount of 53 million euros this year. In addition, Rail Baltic Estonia will allocate at least 45 million euros to the development of passenger stations this year.

The operator Operail plans to allocate 20.7 million euros to protect the environment, introduce new technologies and improve efficiency. We are talking, in particular, about further work on the creation of a hydrogen locomotive and the construction of 6 S30-M locomotives during this year.

There is no hope in Estonia for the implementation of the tunnel project between Tallinn and Helsinki.


Estonian Railways Electrification Project

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