This was announced by the director of the regional branch “Odessa Railway” Sergei Nikulin at the MINTRANS Club Forum Infrastructure of the South of Ukraine.

Electrification of the Dolinskaya - Nikolaev - Kolosovka railway line may begin next year

The implementation of the project will increase the capacity of the Nikolaev port by half, informs Railway Supply magazine

According to the report of the Odessa Railway, the funds provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development have already been reserved. “Now there is a tender procedure to determine the contractor. The next step is the implementation of local projects for the development of intra-port routes and, separately, the Nikolaev-Gruzovoy railway station. “

Electrification of the Dolinskaya – Nikolaev – Kolosovka railway line postponed

The contractor will be determined by the end of this year. And already next year, the railway workers will start electrification. The project also provides for the construction of a second parallel railway line on single track sections. That will increase the speed of movement, reduce the turnaround time of the wagons and increase the processing capacity of the railway station.


Opening of tender proposals for the project “Electrification of the Dolinskaya-Nikolaev-Kolosovka railway line”

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