East Japan Railway, Toyota and Hitachi will develop train with hydrogen-electric traction system

JR East, Toyota and Hitachi have signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of a prototype rail vehicle which uses a hydrogen-electric traction system.


The test vehicle is called Hybari. It will use fuel cells developed by Toyota for its hydrogen-fuelled Mirai cars and Sora buses, and a hybrid drive system developed by Hitachi. «Railway Supply» informs that Hybari will also incorporate regenerative braking systems for additional power generation.

The prototype train will be a converted two-car FV-E991 EMU. The operational speed is expected to be about 100km/h, and the train could cover approximately 140km before refuelling.

Testing of the train is scheduled to begin in March 2022 on the 4.1 km Shitte – Hama-Kawasaki Nambu Branch Line in Kanagawa Prefecture.