Deutsche Bahn with a record loss of almost 6 billion euros in 2020

Deutsche Bahn is summing up the results for three quarters of 2020. Within this period the Group suffered losses of almost 6 billion euros, as Railway Supply magazine informs, citing Nakolei.

Deutsche Bahn
Picture: Deutsche Bahn

According to the German media, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, for the three quarters of 2020, DB losses amounted to about 5.6 billion euros.

Now only 20% of long-distance trains go on routes and only half of regional ones. The crisis also affected freight transport. The probability that DB will pay off in the near future is slim. The federal government has been slow to sponsor a generous capital injection for DB.

To compensate the losses, the federal government has promised the railways to increase capital by 5 billion euros. By 2024, the company expects losses in the amount of 11 to 13.5 billion euros …


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