The company plans to receive most of its income from freight transportation.

financial plan of Ukrzaliznytsia

In 2022, UZ will focus on freight transportation, which will bring it 91% of all revenues, informs Railway Supply magazine.

This is evidenced by the company financial plan for 2022, published on the company official website.

Thus, revenues from freight traffic are projected at UAH 82.3 billion (+UAH 13 billion, 91% of all revenues), from passenger transportation – UAH 8.1 billion (+UAH 844 million, 9% of all revenues).

In addition, the company plans to sell scrap for UAH 402 million and non-core assets for UAH 522 million, and another UAH 236 million is planned to be received from the lease of property.

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The volume of repair work for 2022 is planned in the amount of UAH 7.7 billion (+UAH 2.7 billion). In particular, compared to 2021, there are more expenses for the following types: track (+463 million UAH), locomotive (+348.4 million UAH), electrification and power supply (+335 million UAH), suburban passenger transportation (+321.8 million UAH).

Another UAH 21.5 billion will be directed to the renewal of railway rolling stock – more than UAH 14.8 billion, reconstruction and overhaul of the track and turnouts – more than UAH 6.6 billion.

It should be noted that the financial plan for 2022 provides for a decrease in the average number of employees by 14,200 people.

This will happen both due to “natural staff turnover” and due to structural changes in the company organizational structure.

According to the document, as of January 1, 2022, the balance of the principal debt on financial obligations is UAH 38.5 billion, and by the end of the year this amount will increase to UAH 54.5 billion.

In 2022, it is planned to attract loans in the amount of UAH 54.1 billion, including:

  • UAH 4.3 billion – credit funds for the electrification of the Dolinskaya-Nikolaev-Kolosovka section;
  • UAH 32.8 billion – bank credit lines;
  • UAH 14.2 billion – attraction of new financing for refinancing and implementation of the capital investment program;
  • UAH 2.8 billion – financial leasing.

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In 2022, UZ plans to pay UAH 28 billion (UAH 729 million) to the budget in the form of taxes and fees. In particular, UAH 9.9 billion to the state budget, more than UAH 9 billion to the local budget, and more than UAH 9 billion to state trust funds.

The financial plan provides for the development of capital investments in the amount of UAH 30 billion from the following sources:

  • own funds (depreciation, FRO) – UAH 15.6 billion;
  • attracted funds (loan/leasing) – about UAH 7.4 billion;
  • state budget funds – more than UAH 6.7 billion;
  • other sources (funds of investors) – UAH 234.2 million.

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