Siemens Mobility will supply 21 Vectron Dual Mode locomotives to Deutsche Bahn. This is the first implementation of Vectron Dual Mode in passenger transport. The locomotives are designed to transport trains on the island of Sylt in the north and in Oberstdorf in the south of Germany, informs Railway Supply magazine, citing Kurier Kolejowy.

Vectron Dual Mode
Picture: Siemens Mobility

The Vectron Dual Mode is an up-to-date solution to changing transportation requirements. Dual-mode locomotives combine the advantages of full-featured diesel locomotives with those of electric locomotives. The combination of a powerful internal combustion engine and catenary equipment allows a flexible response to traction requirements.

As soon as a contact network is available, it should be used. Working on electricity is much more environmentally friendly than working on an internal combustion engine. Yes, there are still many non-electrified track sections in Germany, but at the same time, a large number of diesel locomotives still run under the contact network without using it. It doesn’t make economic or ecological sense. Vectron Dual Mode performs well in both operating modes, offering a greener alternative.

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