DB Cargo doubled its coal transport volumes over the winter months to support the reactivation of coal-fired power stations which were brought out of reserve to ensure stable electricity supplies after gas deliveries from Russia were halted because of the war in Ukraine. It is reported by the Railway Supply magazine with reference to the Railway Gazette.

DB Cargo

Since October, DB Cargo has delivered a total of 3 million tons of bituminous coal to 15 power plants. The company has refurbished and upgraded over 1,000 coal wagons and transported an average of 30,000 tons of coal a day from North Sea ports to power plants, twice the normal rate.

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The main routes run from Rotterdam and Amsterdam to the Saarland and southern Germany, with coal-fired trains using designated “energy corridors” where they are given priority over other modes of transport. Currently, power plants are supplied with coal as needed. DB Cargo expects that the situation will not change until the end of the year.

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