Czech Railways bought 4 Taurus locomotives for the connection between Poland and Austria.

Czech Railways bought 4 Taurus locomotives

Ceske Drahy has signed a contract with a private freight carrier from Austria for the purchase of four used Taurus locomotives. They will serve connections between Poland and Austria, informs Railway Supply magazine, citing Nakolei Pl.

The locomotives will be used mainly by trains Graz – Vienna – Brzeclav – Bohumin – Krakow – Przemysl on the Bohumin – Brzeclav – Vienna – Graz section.

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They will replace the currently operated Skoda 109E locomotives, which according to regularly go out of service in Austria.

The contract value for four locomotives is 11.1 million euros. Czech Railways bought two Taurus locomotives last year. These are the fastest electric locomotives in the carrier’s fleet – their operating speed is 230 km/h.


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