Alstom signed an agreement with ČD Telematika for cooperation in the supply and installation of the ETCS II system on the 680 series units, i.e. Czech Pendolino. In addition, Alstom will supply a system for Škoda’s double-deck electric trains. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Nakolei.

Ceske drahy

Alstom announced that it has entered into contracts with ČD-Telematika, a subsidiary of the Czech Railways, for the joint supply and installation of the ETCS II system for 7 Alstom’s Pendolino trains, and the supply of ETCS II for 66 double-deck EMU CityElefantas manufactured by Škoda Transportation.

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Both contracts oblige Alstom to supply the ETCS system, including the design and implementation of the solution. The ETCS system will be supplemented with the functions of the national system, which will allow the operation of trains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The installation of the ETCS system on seven Pendolino trains will cost CZK 413.9 million. This contract will only be implemented in cooperation between Alstom and ČD-Telematika. In the case of Škoda electric trains, this will be the cooperation of the entire consortium: ČD-Telematika, Alstom, Škoda Transportation and AŽD Praha. The cost of the entire project for the implementation of the system in the 471 series trains will be about 1.5 billion CZK. In this case, Alstom will be responsible for the supply of its technology, and the installation of the system will take place at the Škoda Pars plant.

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