CZ Loko enters the Swedish and Norwegian markets

Sweden will become the twentieth country for the locomotives of the Czech company CZ Loko. The first one will be shunting diesel locomotive EffiShunter 1000, ordered by the Norwegian carrier Trainpoint Norway. According to the contract signed this year, the locomotive should be produced and delivered in 2021, followed by test trials, informs Railway Supply magazine referring to the manufacturer’s information.

CZ Loko

The goal of the project is to put the locomotive into trial operation in the first half of 2022.

“CZ Loko convinced us with a wide range of locomotives and modular modifications for operating conditions. The locomotive will need to be adapted to operate in the northern regions of Scandinavia, ”explains Hans Sørum, CEO of Trainpoint Norway. In addition, he notes that in the near future it is possible to replace the diesel engine on the Czech locomotives with batteries.

Diesel locomotives CZ Loko already have experience in the Arctic conditions of Finland. Local carrier Fenniarail with EffiShunter 1600 locomotives operates in the Arctic Circle, where temperatures usually drop below -40 °C in winter.

In addition, the four-axle EffiShunter 1000 with CAT C32 engine is equipped with the European ETCS control system for operation on Swedish lines.

The railways of Sweden and Norway have more than 100 locomotives, which will soon be replaced due to the lack of modern control systems.


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